Man Lovingly Describes L-ate Wife To Sketch Artist & Moment She Flips Paper He Bursts Into Tears

When an elderly man sat down in a chair to describe his l-ate wife to a sketch artist who was standing right next to him, he was very quiet, and often shook his head with great sadness.

It certainly didn’t look like he wanted to be there, but he willingly answered the volley of questions that were aimed right at him. Although he could never, ever forget his wife’s beautiful face, when the sketch of the love of his life was finally revealed, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing! All he could do was choke on his own words as he exclaimed, “My God.” In the video below created by Alex Mandel, an elderly gentleman is sitting on a stage. They weren’t in a police station, but just like a forensic sketch artist, the woman who was standing behind the easel was going to attempt to draw a picture of an unknown person based on the descriptions provided to her.

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When the sketch artist asked the man if he was describing a woman or man, he gently told her that he was describing his wife.

He told her that he had been married to her for 62 years, and revealed the secret to his long and happy relationship:

“Make her your friend, and never lie to her.”

When she prompted him to tell her about the shape of his wife’s face, one word immediately came to mind: angelic. He lovingly said that her face was round and sweet, and she had brown hair.

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It was right about then that the sketch artist could sense that something was wrong.

He kept looking away, and his voice was very soft and seemed to be full of sadness. So, she asked him a more personal question:

“You keep saying ‘was.’ Has she pa-ssed, is she no longer with us?”

After the man said yes, the woman’s mood suddenly went somber. With kindness in her voice, she said she was sorry, after which the man jokingly replied, “me too.” Awww!

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Despite his age, the man’s mind was very sharp and he could still remember every sweet detail of the woman he was lucky enough to spend almost all of his life with.

He lovingly told the sketch artist about the power behind his wife’s eyes:

“They were sparkling…deep brown, and looked at you, your friends…me, her children, her grandchildren with great love and affection. They couldn’t be any truer…any truer.”

The shape of her eyes were oval, and her lashes were so thick and lush, she never had to use falsies. Her hair was dark, with streaks, and she was absolutely gorgeous. Her smile was engaging and welcoming, and one that a grandmother and mother would embody. There was no question in his mind that she was the most beautiful woman to ever walk the planet.

The sketch artist tried to capture his wife’s angelic looks as best she could. It was only when she finally showed the man a picture of what he himself had described, that the true power of his love for her was finally revealed. It wasn’t just right, it was “beyond right.”

Watch the heartbreaking video below to see this man lovingly describe his l-ate wife.



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