Mcdonald’s Worker Lured Outside By Customer, Only To B-reak Down When She Realizes It’s An A-mbush [Video]

When people drive through a fast food restaurant they don’t usually have time to spare. They want their food served quickly and with good customer service. But occasionally people can strike a chord with each other and build up a fun rapport.

This was the case with Vicki Anderson, who works at McDonald’s, in South Hutchinson, Kansas, when she met customer Chris Ellis.

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What she didn’t realize is what this person would end up doing, something that has shocked the thousands who have shared this story.

Serving Chris was a pleasure for Vicki. It made her day a little better, because he often used to joke with her. As you know, one smile or laugh can really make your day!

While serving Chris one day, Vicki asked him if he knew anyone who might have a cheap car for sale.

She explained to him that her car had d-ied and the cost of repairs was more than the car was worth.

Surprise for Vicki
“Fate looked me in the eye when she told me that story,” Chris said, according to the Wichita Eagle. “I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

. . . I said, ‘I have to do something.’ ”

Chris’ son Josh had recently bought himself a new car and was selling his 2009 Pontiac. His dad asked him if he could buy it off him, for a good price, considering it was for a good cause.

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So Chris did and Josh had an oil change, cleaned the car and had the tires rotated.

They both arrived at McDonald’s ready to surprise Vicki. What a wonderful thing to do for another person! Please share this story to celebrate all the goodness in the world and inspire your friends and family on Facebook.

Now watch the amazing moment when Vicki realizes she’s getting a new car in the video below.

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