Meet The Dad Who Spurred To Lose 92 Pounds In 5 Months After One Hiking Trip With His Kids [Video]

Being a parent is already a life-changing experience, but this 40-year-old dad underwent an astonishing transformation after going on a hike with his kids. Before Jeremiah Peterson looked like a supermodel, he weighed 290 pounds.

He was only motivated to lose weight after he went on a hike with his family in 2017 and became self-conscious over how quickly he tired out from the activity. “Instead of remembering all the good memories we had made on this trip, all I can remember is this one thing that kept playing in my head over and over again:

I found myself running out of breath and having to take breaks way before my 9-, 7-, and 6-year-old kids,” Peterson wrote on Instagram.

he dad from Missoula, Montana then resolved to get in shape.

He started by cutting al-cohol out of his life and adhering to a ketogenic diet.

Every day for five months straight, he would hike for two hours and spend one hour at the gym.

After 150 days of strict diet and exercise, Peterson lost 92 pounds and shrunk from a size 42 pant size to a size 33. Not only that, he can now run nonstop up the hiking trail that once exhausted him.

Peterson now uses his story and fitness expertise to coach and inspire almost 100,000 social media followers – but he says that his kids are the real reason for his triumphs.

“Finding your reason why is essential if you want to achieve success in life,” he wrote in an Instagram post.

“If you don’t have a strong reason behind your actions you are less likely to get the results.”


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DON’T MAKE EXCUSES!!! WE ALL HAVE THE TIME FOR WHAT IS IMPORTANT. I get a lot of feedback about my fitness journey “you must spend all day in the gym” or “it must be nice to have that kind of time” or “what about work and family”. The truth is I run 2 businesses that I work at 7 days a week, I have 3 kids who all participate in multiple sports and programs and I still have a social life. It’s just my wife and I who run the businesses, no employees, our house is clean and no we don’t have a maid and our cars are running because I fix them. Beyond work and the gym I read books, I watch tv, I love cooking and my family and I go to church every Sunday and spend the rest of the day together. Trust me I understand busy. The difference is I don’t look at it as busy, I see it as being productive. I want to be productive. Believe me- If I can find the time and persistence to make these goals happen, so can you!

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