Meet The World’s First Twin Sisters Born With Different Skin Colors Are Now 18 Today

When most moms become pregnant for the first time, they’re overwhelmed with the curiosity of what gender their baby is. They know the possibility of having twins is there, but it’s never really something they prepare themselves for. That’s why it’s always a surprise to discover such news. But can you imagine the shock of finding out your twin babies look nothing like each other? When bi ra-cial couples have fraternal twins, there is a chance the babies will come out with a few physical differences. The chances of the twins looking like extreme opposites, however, are slim but still very much exist.Kids who are conceived by an inter ra-cial couple are extremely unique.

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They’re born from a mixture of various genes and ethnic backgrounds that ultimately give them unique physical features that make them stand out from others. Bi ra-cial twins take it to another level. When a mixed couple is expecting a pair of twins, all bets are off the table — especially when they’re fraternal. And although it doesn’t happen all the time, it is very much possible for each twin to come out in two completely different skin tones.

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Donna and Vince Aylmer were preparing to welcome only a fourth child into their family when they found out that they’d be welcoming a fifth child too. Twins are always a big surprise but little did they know, Donna’s pregnancy had one more interesting surprise up its sleeve. During the delivery, both parents were astounded to see two babies in complete opposite skin tones and hair color. Beautiful twins, Lucy and Maria Aylmer, were born in Gloucester, England, on January 16, 1997. As the girls were growing up, their parents divorced and co-parented the pair to their best abilities.

Different Ethnic Backgrounds

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Their father, Vince, is full caucasian while their mother, Donna, is half Jamaican. With backgrounds like this, the parents were probably anticipating two mixed tone babies, but instead had two babies with completely different complexions. They looked around the same age, but they definitely didn’t look like twins. Lucy and Maria are not identical twins, therefore they were produced from two separate eggs. Because of this, each twin inherited different genes from the parents. There was no way to predict what skin color the twins would come out with. Nonetheless, this was still a great surprise for everyone.

Matching Outfits

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Even though the twins didn’t look anything alike, Donna wanted to dress the girls in adorable matching outfits. From an outside perspective, dressing the girls up in the exact same clothes was a bit confusing as they didn’t look at all related. But did they look related to their older siblings? The twins have three older siblings. They have two older brothers, George and Jordan, who are both a light-brown complexion. They also have an older sister, Chynna, who is the same skin tone as the brothers. In comparison, Maria’s skin is very dark while Lucy’s skin is very pale.

Differences Outside Skin Tone

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“Our brothers and sisters have skin which is in between Maria and I,” said Lucy to Daily Mail, “We are at opposite ends of the spectrum and they are all somewhere in between. But my grandmother has a very fair English rose complexion, just like mine.” Maria’s eyes are dark brown while Lucy’s are blue-green. Lucy gets her beautiful red hair from her Irish descent, while Maria has gorgeous thick tight curls from her Jamaican descent. Unfortunately, Maria wasn’t always a fan of her fabulous hair.

Individual Insecurities

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Maria admitted that she used to cry about her hair because she hated it that much. Lucy, on the other hand, hated how fair-skinned she was. At one point, Lucy was even bullied in middle school for her complexion, being called adopted and a ghost. Despite their mother’s innocent intentions, the twins demanded her to stop dressing them in the exact same outfits at the age of 7. They knew early on that they were unique twins that didn’t look alike and even admitted they didn’t feel like twins while they were young. “We don’t look alike. So why should we have to wear the exact same thing?” said Lucy.

All Grown Up

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Now at the age of 18, the twins have grown into two gorgeous young adults. They’ve each embraced their own personal style that contributes to their differing physical features. You may be wondering if these two young women still feel the special bond that most twins feel. Lucy has taken the rocker girl route, dressing up darker colors and edgy threads all while sporting facial piercings. Maria, on the hand, likes to dress more clean-cut and occasionally likes to bring out her boho side. How else have these twins grown as their own individual entities?

Contrasting Personalities

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Maria claimed that she is way more outgoing than Lucy. “I love meeting people. I’m not scared to approach people,” Maria said to Inside Edition. Maria does admit, however, that Lucy has broken out of her shell a little but still much of an introvert. Nonetheless, Lucy is still a very shy person. “I’m terrified of going up to random strangers,” she told Inside Edition. In addition, she confessed that the two were not as close while growing up. “I think if we’d looked similar or even identical, then the bond between us would have been stronger when we were younger,” Lucy admitted, adding, “But Maria and I had such different personalities, too. She was the outgoing twin whilst I was the shy one.”

Effect Of Not Looking Alike

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Almost all twins grow up with a natural bond with each other. We hear about it so often with some describing the connection between twins unlike any other sibling connection. So when a pair of twins don’t look at all alike, is this the effect that takes place? Do they feel more distant towards each other than any pair of siblings should? Although having a pair of twins in opposite complexions is rare, Lucy and Maria are certainly not the only ones. A person’s skin color is determined by a number of genes. Because fraternal twins come from both separate eggs and sperm, one twin can inherit more or less DNA than the other twin from each parent.

Rare But Possible

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“By virtue of chance, one twin can inherit more DNA from a specific parent in contract to its co-twin, and that DNA can code or translate for things like skin color and eye color,” said Dr. Angela Bianco of Mount Sinai Hospital. “This is pretty rare occurrence to have two twins that look very different, but it certainly can happen with bi ra-cial couples, but it’s really just a matter of chance.”


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