Mom Feels Like ‘Pri-soner’ When Houseguest Refuses To Leave For Months, Confronts Her On News TV

Here’s a story that may have you thinking twice before inviting a guest to stay with you. In February 2019, Wendi Bear of Irvine, California, was contacted by one of her former neighbors. The woman, Anne Marie, asked if she could stay with Wendi for a few weeks when she moved back to California from Florida. Anne Marie said she was in a bind and desperately needed a place to stay. Wendi kindly agreed and says she told Anne Marie she could stay with her for one month while she got back on her feet. Anne Marie wouldn’t have to pay rent while she was starting to look for a job.

However, one month came and went — and Anne Marie was still living out of Wendi’s apartment, sleeping on the floor and couch, and showing no signs of going anywhere.

Wendi and her daughter started to feel like prisoners in their own home.

This reportedly went on for months until Wendi had had enough. She told Anne Marie she had to leave and th-reatened to ki-ck her out.

That’s when things took a startling turn. You’d think Wendi could just place her belongings on the curb and lock the doors —especially since Anne Marie’s name is not on the lease and she wasn’t paying rent.

But Wendi was surprised to learn there are laws that protect these unwanted houseguests …

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