Mom Leaves Smiling Baby With Daddy Only To Return To Find Her Face Completely Different [Video]

Moms are the ones who know how to deal with babies. This is why when dads are left with the little ones, you know that something is about to happen. When it comes to babies, moms are more organized and they have different parenting styles compared to dads. But what happens when dads are left with the baby? Bartosz is a dad who had to share his experience with his little girl. He posted a video online with a title: “What happens when my wife leaves me alone with our baby.”

This dad posted this video on his YouTube channel, ‘Perfect Daddy.’ He was left with his daughter and of course, he is expected to take care of baby duties. Everyone knows that this is going to be one of the most entertaining father-and-daughter moments. The video instantly went viral and it received over 7 million views!

The video starts with baby Emily on her tummy while dad focused the camera on her face and capture this cute moment. The little girl was having a great time cooing and giggling while dad hums at her. She also graced him with a big toothless smile and an adorable laugh. Babies are naturally entertaining, but this dad has something else in mind. He did something unexpected which changed her expressions.

Dad gave his daughter a total makeover. Nope, he did not put makeup on her but he definitely stuck big eyebrow stickers above her eyes!

The little girl was just sitting patiently while dad is trying to put the fake eyebrows on her. It seems like she’s enjoying this too. She’s making cute baby noises until the eyebrows are n place. When dad pulls back the camera to see his masterpiece, Emily’s face looks hilarious. But dad did not end there. He added a little more extra to complete this total transformation.

He puts on a big mustache above her lip and a little beard below his lip. As soon as dad is done, she started to open her mouth wide, clearly confused about what’s sticking on her face. Emily doesn’t hate her new look because she seems to be enjoying it.

While dad was amazed by his creation, Emily was amused by his reaction. Her laughter was so contagious that even dad can’t help himself but laugh too. Dad pulls the camera closer to take a sh-ot of his daughters’ excited face while Emily gave him adorable laughter despite not understanding what’s really happening.

People can’t help but comment on this hilarious video. One of the comments posted said, “I LOVE how the baby is most likely laughing because the dad is also laughing/smiling. Just pure happiness. ” Another commenter even joked that this is why dads should not be left alone without ‘adult’ supervision.

Most viewers found this video to be funny and just shows how dads and babies have a special connection. Others found this to be the perfect cure for any sadness. A commenter posted:

“Brilliant video… I love your sense of humor and the baby is just so cute.” Another viewer noted, “Can’t believe I spent hundreds of dollars on therapy for my depr-ession when all I needed to do was watch this 53-second video!!”

Might be a short clip, but is definitely all you need to brighten up your gloomy day!

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