Mom Meets Her Son-In-Law For The 1st Time, Instantly Recognizes Him From The Past And Confesses

Heidi and Ed Savitt were married last summer. They first met six years ago at Newcastle University in London. Their relationship started with a text ed sent to Heidi about the dryer in student housing. Things took off from there. The two were inseparable and on their way to their happily ever after.

But when Heidi’s mother, Kay Parker first met her future son-in-law, she thought there was something more to her daughter’s beau.

Kay learned the truth about Ed at a dinner party that would send shockwaves throughout both families.

At this same party was Ed’s mom, Fiona Savitt.

Kay mentioned in passing that during one particular holiday, when she was six, her daughter had a sweet boyfriend named Ed.

The two children were attached at the hip as they held hands and played during their families time in Turkey. It was a two-week period both mothers recalled with fondness. Fiona even smashed a wine glass when she heard the boy’s name. But really it was just a coincidence the little boy Heidi liked was named Ed.

The party talk turned to more important topics; but in her mind, kay still couldn’t let the matter drop.

What she’d find inside would shock both families to their cores.

In the meantime, Heidi remained clueless about her fateful meeting and a holiday romance with a little boy named Ed.

Heidi’s jaw dropped to the floor; her eyes widened in surprise.

In the photo, standing beside her 6-year-old self-was Ed.

It’s crazy to think we could have got married, shared our lives together, but then never found out about this,” Heidi said.
Kay sent the photo to Fiona who then found more holiday pictures of the two little lovebirds. Heidi’s mom believes that fate drew her daughter and Ed together all those years ago. She and Heidi both think that when the two met in 2011, they subconsciously felt the connection they shared as children.

Not one to put much stock in fate, Heidi has now changed her mind.

She truly thinks she was destined to be with Ed, her husband. They were meant to be together.



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