Mom Overhears Teen Son Mocking Classmates Who Shop At Goodwill So She Forces Him To Go There

HOG MOUNTAIN, Georgia — A Georgia mom taught her son a lesson in humility after she caught him making fun of his classmates for wearing clothes bought at Goodwill. In a Facebook post, Cierra Brittany Forney wrote that her 13-year-old son “had been acting a little… entitled.” She explained that he had been “acting like he’s too good to shop at Wal-Mart” and was making “snarky comments” about kids at school who shop at Goodwill. “I don’t tolerate that,” Forney wrote alongside a photo of her son as he shopped in a thrift store.

Forney said she made her son take his own $20 to Goodwill to buy clothes to wear for the entire week of school. She said he wasn’t happy and shed a few tears, but believes he’ll look back on this day and laugh.

This mom’s tough-love post has received more than 587,000 likes and has been shared more than 220,000 times on Facebook. “I want to teach my kids that money isn’t everything and if you have to degrade other people because of where they shop, then you too will shop there!” Forney wrote. “Side note, I love the Goodwill!”

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