Mom Posts Moving Tribute To Her Ex For Being A Good Dad To Their Child. Grab Kleenex.

Jessica Singleton is mom to adorable toddler named Pierson. While she and Pierson’s dad are no longer together, Singleton wrote a powerful Facebook post about how they’re still partners in parenting. “This is my ex. This right here is more valuable than gold,” she writes. “This is a man who doesn’t pay a dime through the state because when my son needs new clothes, I just call him.” Jessica Singeton wrote on Facebook the many ways that her ex is a perfect father to Pierson, putting their son first even though breakups are almost always painfully awkward.

This is my ex. This right here is more valuable than gold. This is a man who doesn’t pay a dime through the state because when my son needs new clothes, I just call him. This is a man who buys a bundle of kids’ movies on Vudu so even I can enjoy them with my son in my own home. A man who drops off the $45 box of pull-ups at my front door so I don’t have to load him up and go to the store.

One who takes his son in 10 min notice far often than he should because I have too much to get done or just need a nap. This is a man who listens to me cry because I’m stressed out. This is a man who tells his son not to forget mommy’s boyfriend when he lists his favorite people off the top of his head…A man who rushes over because we got locked out of the house or spends his evening fixing something for us. This is a man who labeled the presents he bought his son from “mommy” because mommy couldn’t get him as many. A man who still watches my sister’s kids so our son can be with his cousins. One who accompanies me to meet strangers from Craigslist to ensure we are safe. This is the diaper-bag-wearing, chocolate-milk-making, selfless, protective, generous, accomplished FATHER to my son.

People can’t help but scroll through Facebook to assume that people have perfect lives and that other moms just have it easy. Singleton made a point to explain that the road to such amicable, cooperative co-parenting took a lot of work. To inspire other parents to put in the effort, she wrote:

The amount of obstacles we’ve had to overcome to get to this point are tremendous. This was not easy, this was a choice. Stop giving excuses and come together for your children. I’m the most stubborn person that I know and forgiveness came easy to us for the sake of our son. And because of that, I see my son every single day. We always welcome each other’s presence.

Her post received over 133,767 shares (!) 244,000 likes on Facebook (!!), at least 10,000 of which were likely so other moms’ exes will see it.

People on Facebook are moved by the parents’ teamwork while raising their son.

Pierson will one day read this post and be really proud of his parents—both for their partnership and their impressive ability to go viral.

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