Mom Tells A Store Manager Her Kids Were Hungry…

Stumbling upon this kind of stories every once in a while lifts our spirits and restores our faith in humanity. This is touching indeed! So let me first off explain how my store manager looks to most people, he is 6’3″ so he is tall, and seems very intimidating, but he is actually a very nice guy, and this was how I learned what kind of guy he was. I had only been working for about 7 months at the store, and this woman walked in with two little kids. One was about 2, and the other was 5 years old. Their mother looked scared, her hair was a mess, and looked like she had no sleep in days she looked rough. Well, she walks up to me and asked to see the store manager so I call for him.

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I was working check out that day so it was pretty slow compared to others so I had breathers between the customers, and I overheard the woman talking to him. She escaped her husband who was ab-usive and lived in the neighboring town she had gotten an apartment with the help of a friend of hers, but she had nothing to eat, and she asked him for help.

The store manager told her to go fill a buggy with food, and to come to my line when she was done and told her to get herself, and her children some hot food from the deli also. So she left, and about half an hour later she came to my line, and I called him back he showed up and told me to ring it up like normal, and then he pulled out his wallet and paid for the woman’s cart.

Then he asked me to come to his office and asked her to wait there.

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He said he wanted me to help take things to her car, and to give her a paper he was writing on. So he handed me the paper, and I walked her to her car. Then handed her the paper he had given me to hand her. She started crying, and I asked her if she was ok she handed me the paper.

It basically was a note telling her he was sorry for her position, and if she needed a job to help her to get by that she could show up in a couple of days and told her if she needed childcare he had his number on there to call him, and he would help set it up for her.

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Needless to say, she showed up, and she is a very nice person who still works at our store. This is one of the many reasons why I love the store I work at, and I believe I have the best store manager in the world.

That’s the true American spirit for ya.

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Written by Diana

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