NBA Player Kyrie Irving Boldly Says “F— Thanksgiving”…Sparks Outrage

The Celtics’ Kyrie Irving has a few choice words for the feastful holiday, given its dark origin in history. The player actually has Native American blood in his veins.

As you know, Kyrie isn’t one to really hold his tongue about things close to heart. Thanksgiving is no different. Even though the majority of America is getting its “greens, beans, potatoes, tomatoes” on — giving thanks for what they have — Native Americans aren’t feeling the season at all, and for good reason…due to its origin.

Since Kyrie is a direct descendant from his grandmother’s bloodline, it’s not a holiday he celebrates.

According to Mass Live, in a recent post-game interview after battling the New York Knicks, Kyrie Irving shared his thoughts about Thanksgiving and his roots.

‘Happy Thanksgiving’ To The Wrong Person

Kyrie Irving isn’t the one you want to wish a “Happy Thanksgiving.” A field reporter found out first hand after catching up with the player after his loss to the Knicks.
Kyrie Was Polite

Thanking The Reporter

After thanking the reporter, Irving immediately informed him that he doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. “F**k Thanksgiving,” Kyrie mentioned.
Dropping Knowledge About His Heritage

‘Little Mountain’

According to Mass Live, Kyrie participated in a Sioux naming ceremony during the summer, where he was given the name “Little Mountain.”
Thanksgiving Protest Rooted In Native American Heritage

Down The Line

According to CBS Sports, Irving’s grandmother was a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Too, Kyrie’s late mother was adopted out of the tribe when she was young, reportedly.
‘No Disrespect’

People Taking Offense

Count it laughable, but people are taking offense…as you might imagine in this modern, soft society. So via Twitter, Irving offered an explanation for those who refuse to understand.
His Tweet

Game Frustration?

“I spoke w/ frustration after last nights game and spoke words that shouldn’t be in a professional setting no matter what,” Kyrie Irving mentioned via Twitter.
‘I’m Grateful’

Stand Your Ground, Kyrie

“Meant no disrespect to the Holiday and those who celebrate it respectfully.

I’m grateful for the time We all can share with our families. We are always ONE,” Irving tweeted.
No Need To Apologize

People Are Also Offended At Blacks

Again, people are mad at those refusing to stand for the national anthem, given its meaning & origin.

How is Kyrie’s protest against Thanksgiving any different concerning his heritage?
Just Do It


Kyrie Irving has been celebrating and embracing his heritage more and more over the last few years, according to ESPN. He even got a tattoo of the tribe’s logo on his back.
Dishonorable For Him

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Celebrating Thanksgiving would be dishonorable for him.

It’s that simple.
Let us know your thoughts about Kyrie’s feelings about Thanksgiving. You think people are being too soft in their responses?



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