Ohio Judge Fed Up With Animal Ab-users, Decides To Give Them A Taste Of Their Own Medicine

When you decide to take on a pet, you’re giving yourself a huge responsibility. While it’s no skin off your back to set out a bowl of food and water for an animal and keep them indoors, to your pet, it means the world.

Because for the most part, you’re keeping that animal from de-ath. You provide them shelter. You make sure they aren’t getting chewed to bit by any parasites and regulate when they do. You give them love. You give them structure. In return, they adore you and are cute and unflinchingly loyal because animals are better at that thing than human beings are.

Sadly, many humans who take on pets don’t take the responsibility of caring for them very seriously.

Some of them neglect their animals, keep them in cramped spaces, keep them locked up, keep them outside in the cold. They don’t clean them. They don’t get their fur trimmed, don’t take them for check-ups, or don’t feed them properly.

The punishments for animal neglect, even if it’s reported, and even if people are found guilty of it, aren’t that strict.

They’re not enough to stop people from getting a cute pet or puppy and then quit taking care of them properly when the responsibility proves to be too much for them to handle.

But Ohio Judge Michael Cicconnetti, who’s had compassion for animals from a very young age, is looking to change that by doling out sentences that give animal ab-users a taste of their own medicine.

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