Only 3 Kids RSVP To Autistic Son’s Birthday When Group Of Unexpected Biker Guests Come Toward Them

Bikers don’t have the greatest reputation and that’s just because some people have done certain things that gave it a bad name. You can’t blame people too much in their ignorance; images of the cr-iminal biker gangs of the ’60s and ’70s may come to mind. There were some bad guys out there doing illegal acts, but that doesn’t mean we should group all the bikers together as the same.

Nowadays, the term “biker gang” is generally used for groups of people who simply like to look after their bikes, exchange tips and tricks with each other, and drive around town as a club or membership community. From my view some bikers are of the nicest people around.

Before the end of the school year, a mother named Maranda Karna chose to do something special for Thoas her son. He was born with a congenital diaphragmatic hernia and has autism, which required a lengthy hospital stay as a newborn.

He was diagnosed when he was 4 years old but he is still like all other children and obviously, his mother wanted to ensure he got a proper celebration with his 10th birthday coming up.

She gave invited 70 classmates, only to receive three RSVPs. Only one said he’d attend. Knowing that Thomas loves motorcycles, family friend Stephanie Lovejoy turned to Facebook to ask bikers to surprise Thomas for his birthday.

Maranda and her family were absolutely heartb-roken. After everything Thomas had gone through, the last thing she wanted was for her sweet, loving son to feel rejected on his birthday. But not after long a family friend came up with a brilliant idea.

Knowing that Thomas had a love for motorcycles, family friend Stephanie Lovejoy went to Facebook to ask bikers to surprise Thomas for his birthday.

”Meet up and show him that he is not different and that he is loved just as much as everyone else”, Stephanie wrote.

Stephanie and the family expected the turnout to be no more than 20 people. Nothing could have prepared her, Maranda, or Thomas for what was in coming their way. Over 300 bikers responded to the invitation by riding into Thomas’ birthday.

”Words can not express how much this means to me and his dad”, Maranda Karna explains. The kind-hearted bikers brought birthday supplies such as balloons, a cake, and presents. Thomas even got a motorcycle jacket and the group chapter brought their badges to give to him and let him become an honoree member.

But it didn’t stop there. They also raised $1,1000 for the family’s charity and donated money to Autism Speaks and to CDH International Miranda Karna called the show of support “breathtaking.”

”It’s been hard on him as his autism affects him socially and emotionally. Also, bat-tling other health issues stemming from a birth defect. It’s encouraging to see a community come together and show him the same thing that we try to teach him every day.”

As for how Thomas felt about how his birthday party turned out, he remarked, ”It makes me feel like one of the most special people on earth.”

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