People Are Dy-Ing Over This Kid’s Emotional Reaction To Learning His Sister Is His Half-sister

This is Pam. Pam has a little brother, who recently learned that he is actually her half-brother. Of course, half-siblings are still very much siblings, but Pam’s brother doesn’t quite grasp the concept yet and seems upset about having to part with 50% of his sister. So when she came home recently, she found this letter he’d written. It will make you cry, so have off-brand tissues on hand:

As if this letter isn’t enough to turn your heart into a soft pile of oatmeal, he also left her some of her presumably favorite snacks, like Chips Ahoy and Takis excellent choices!.

Pam, being a human with a soul, was deeply moved and tweeted out a photo of her little brother’s letter:

It quickly went viral. And now the whole internet is now welling up with tears.

And others are sharing their own sibling stories:

These are so, so sweet.

Remember this next time you get into a fi-ght with your sibling. Half or whole, doesn’t matter. Love/hate is love/hate!

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Written by Diana

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