Person Trying To Give Away Free Sofa Comes Across The World’s Most Entitled Freeloader

A person offering their couch for free has been accused of “ruining Christmas” for a family because they refused to pay to have the giveaway professionally cleaned and delivered.

A freeloader responded to the offer saying they were interested in the couch, but demanded it be professionally cleaned to remove “bugs and diseases”. The owner was gobsmacked by the request and wasn’t sure if the respondent was joking.

They also demanded the generous person to pay the $100 delivery fee when the driver arrived the following day, because “it’s not free if I have to pay for delivery!”

When the person giving away their sofa refused to meet the entitled person’s demands they were accused of being a Christmas Grinch, according to exchange shared to Reddit on Tuesday.

“Where is your Christmas spirit?” the freeloader asked.“Great now my kids are going to have a hor-rible Christmas! You like ruining children’s Christmas’?”

When the couch owner stopped responding to the messages, the other party continued on to say their child is sick and the parent can’t afford to buy Christmas presents – but that is where the conversation ends.

The exchange caused a stir on Reddit from people who were also gobsmacked by the nerve of the freeloader.

“The thing I hate most about these types of people is they’re rude right away: ‘Hi I want the sofa.’ No, ‘Hi how are you, is this still available?’ one wrote.

However other users were skeptical and thought the exchange was so unbelievable it had to be fake.

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