Photo Of Boy Crying In Target Goes Viral, Yet Mom Has No Idea Who The Woman Holding Him Is [Video]

This story can relate to all the hard-working parents everywhere in the world. This is because if you have the young children below the age of five, then it is very stressful to manage them. As parents have a lot of things to do, their schedules can’t be determined by their children’s behavior. There is one example of Rebecca Patterson. She is the mother from Pearland, Texas. She has two children. One is 2 years old and another is 2 months old. She wanted to go shopping in the Target store. So she decided to take her young children with her.

Rebecca thought as she had not many things to buy, so her children would be fine in the store.

But in the store, there was so much chaos. So she couldn’t manage her two crying children and the whole situation become worse and unmanageable.

So Rebecca went down the passages with purpose, took up what she needed. But the suddenly her children had simultaneous meltdowns. She had nobody there to help calm her children. Rebecca thought fellow shoppers will help her. But they were just looking at her with the crying kids. Rebecca felt judged and totally embarrassed. She got panicked and started screaming seeing the situation.

When Rebecca started kept the items back on the shelves and was supposed to leave the store. At that time she heard an unfamiliar voice. This was another lady Tiffany who has held one of Rebecca’s crying child. So Rebecca took the picture of this lady with the kid. This pic has gone viral on the social media as it’s been shared many times. The stranger’s gesture has left a huge impact on Rebecca. So Rebecca refers that lady as an angel. This is because she became the savior for Rebecca.

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