Pregnant Mom Works 2 Jobs to Pay Bills Until Millionaire Gives Her More Than She Bargained For [Video]

A millionaire is making an impact on struggling small businesses. CNBC is running a television series called The Profit. Its star puts his own money on the line to help promising businesses become successful. Marcus Lemonis is the star of the reality show The Profit, and he is prepared to give a lending hand to promising but struggling businesses. Tami Forbes used to manage the Key West Lime Pie Company. She was a hard worker and took care of just about everything there, from inventory to marketing. Her wage was only $300 per week. She began working for the Key West pie shop shortly after filing for divorce from her husband.

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At the time, she had 8-year-old twins to support and was heavily pregnant. After working nine hours at her day job, Tami used to go to her side job as a barmaid twice a week, just to help pay the bills.

However, she’s also got her most important job of raising her two children. Adding to her burden, she requires a C-section to have her next baby, and she has no insurance to cover it. This could run into thousands of dollars.

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“Trying to rebuild a life on a single income in this town was incredibly difficult. I was very frequently picking which bill I could pay,” she said, as reported by CNBC.

And that’s when Lemonis stepped in. He decided to invest in the Key West Lime Pie Company and was prepared to reward Tami. He knows a good worker when he sees one, and he understands the importance of making employees feel good about their job, and how to treat them fairly.

“I’m going to need your help before you leave. I gotta get some things done and you’re gonna be our leader here. But in order for you to be able to have good peace of mind, I wanted to give you some money,” Marcus said. “I’m going to pay you $1,000 a week, so you don’t have to bartend.”

He offered her full pay during her maternity leave, then a substantial increase in wages when she returned to work.

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“It means everything, knowing that I have a salary when I come back—a salary that I can live on, and still save money … I’ve never had that,” said a tearful Tami, as reported by Upworthy.

It didn’t end there, either. Lemonis offered Tami a 25 percent stake in the business.

The pie shop’s new takings exceeded everyone’s expectations. It went from a $100,000 loss in 2014 to an estimated $100,000 in profits in 2015.

Though this incident occurred in 2015, it’s a great example of recognizing people for what they do.

That’s a lot of pies! Well done Tami, and a big thank you to Lemonis for stepping in.

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But it doesn’t end there. Watch the video below to see Tami’s reward:

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