Puppy Watching ‘the Lion King’ Starts Crying With Simba When Mufasa P-asses Away

When we watch an engrossing movie, we can find ourselves so caught up in the action and how it affects characters we care about that it doesn’t matter whether or not they’re fictional. This is the power of art. It can make the notion of reality fairly meaningless, as what matters is what our emotions are telling us. It turns out that being affected by movies isn’t relegated to humans, as this adorable puppy showed while watching a heart b-reaking scene from “The Lion King.” Anyone who has seen Disney’s animated masterpiece knows about how de-vastating the scene in which Simba’s father, Mufasa, p-asses away is.

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Even if you’ve seen the film multiple times, it doesn’t get any easier. Luna, a pit bull who’s about four months old, was watching the film with her owners, Josh and Hannah Myers. Though Luna was initially distracted by fun with her toys, the drama of this particular scene really stood out to her. She basically became silent as she gazed upon the screen in sympathetic awe, as Josh Meyer poster her reaction on Facebook and commented saying,

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‘We don’t deserve dogs. 4 months old and she’s already showing empathy.’ Even if she hadn’t been following the plot, she could still understand the weight of the scene and just how impactful it was. As it lingered, she laid down, seemingly in quiet contemplation over just how intense this scene was.

It should never be taken for granted that intelligent animals like dogs have emotions, and it’s not just reserved for being happy when you come home or being upset when there’s no food in their bowl. The reason they can bond so well with humans is largely due to their ability to empathize. Luna may speak a different language than us, but the language of emotions is universal.

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There’s plenty of emotion in Luna’s story as well. She was adopted from a litter of 12, birthed from a mother who was rescued. Josh and Hannah fell in love with Luna and brought her into their home. When the video was posted, Blake Blamalam, the owner of “Melon,” Luna’s mother, commented on how similar they seemed to one another. The kindness of Blake gave Luna’s mother another chance at life and helped to find Luna a loving home where she could be treated great.

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