Remembering To Love The Sign Of Cancer To The Moon & Back

If we ever mistakenly forgot their birthday, they’ll remember the exact year and all the details surrounding precisely why we had forgotten. They will forgive but never forget. This is the year that I want to make sure we all remember our special Cancer peeps. A Happy Birthday is in order for everyone born under this Zoadic Sign. The Sun swims into their sign right around June 21st (with the Summer Solstice) and remains there through July 22nd. During this period every this sign will be celebrating their birthday or day that the Sun returns to the place it was living when they were born.

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Remember to love the Cancer in your life with their special time approaching. If there’s some debate on what to get them, I’d suggest a simple token of appreciation for all they do.

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That’s all these old souls really want. Find a way to love them to the moon and back and they’ll stick by your side forever. Give them an ounce of appreciation and see it come back tenfold.

If you want to get a little extra up close and personal with this water sign, click the below link & check out this specially written article:

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“Remembering to Love the Moon Child to the Moon and Back“

Happy Birthday Cancer. A big year is ahead and this could be a moment where you decide to go for gold! Many of you out there are likely going through a process of creating some important new beginnings.

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An important Solar Eclipse (beginning a new 19 year cycle) will take place in your sign next year and begin a whole new cycle. Whatever you decide to do with this Solar Return year will begin to set the stage for where you go next.

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