Restaurant Boss Gives Homeless Man Job – 24 Hours Later, Walks In And Is Stopped In Her Tracks (Video)

Being homeless is a big issue in the U.S. A lot of people are facing this issue, especially veterans. According to the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs, 23% of the total homeless people are veterans, who have risked their lives while serving the country. George Silvey is one of those veterans in Vietnam, who came home from war, only to see he is homeless. He lives on a street corner now, holding a big cardboard to attract people passing by. He doesn’t need free money, neither need any help. He just wants a job, so he can sustain himself and get back on his feet. George has a stack of resumes.

He hands them over to all the passing by, expecting if anyone was looking for a hardworking employee.

One day, his life took a turn, a woman noticed his board from her car and stopped by to have a conversation with him. She was so impressed by his ambition and motivation that she decided to share his story on social media with the tagline, “We will get you a job. I’ll make sure of it” and it went viral in no time.

A few hours later, to his surprise, he got a call for a job. George turned up early on his first day of the job, even before the manager. The boss, Summer Gonzalez was so impressed with his attitude said, “It practically stopped him in his tracks. He put his shirt right on and got right to work. He’s a great guy.”

Written by Diana

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