She Gets A Beautiful New Haircut. But No One Could Have Guessed This Would Happen [Video]

Children can often tease and bu-lly one another over appearance. One little girl experienced this after she changed her hair to benefit children with ca-ncer.
Locks Full Of Love
Jetta Fosberg is a caring 10-year-old girl who decided that when her hair grew long enough, she could cut it and donate it to Wigs for Kids — an organization that takes donated hair and turns it into wigs for children with ca-ncer. Jetta thought it would be the best way to help these kids and was excited to donate her long locks.

Backlash Begins

The hairdresser cut off 14 inches of Jetta’s hair, but that wasn’t enough for the little girl. She had them cut off even more and her hair became quite short! Most children grow attached to their hair, but Jetta was different. Being different as a child can result in bu-llying and Jetta was no exception. The other kids at school teased her and called her a boy and ugly. This was upsetting to Jetta. Her heart was in the right place, so why were they being so mean?

Stand With Jetta

Her mother, Heidi, decided to share Jetta’s story on Facebook and received a ton of support! The Stand With Jetta page was created to stand up for kids that are bu-llied everywhere. Jetta’s mom knows that there are other children, experiencing the same kind of ridicule all over the country.

The Kindness Spreads

Jetta said she would do it all over again, even with the bu-llying, “It was the right thing to do and it makes me feel good.” The support from the page has been overwhelming for the family, but it helps Jetta know that the bu-llies are all wrong.

Jetta keeps her spirits high and knows she has plenty of supporters out there with over 120k followers on her page!

Find out more about Jetta’s story below!

Stop The Bu-llying
Sometimes it takes community support to remind people that good deeds are worth doing. Jetta’s story inspires people to help others and not be afraid to be different! Encouraging children to be kind, rather than cruel, is one of the best things we can do to end bu-llying.

Written by Diana

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