Single Dad Buys An Old Bus And Converts It Into A Gorgeous Home For Him And His Daughter

With the living expenses getting higher with every year that passes, many people are desperately looking for cheaper alternatives that wouldn’t affect the quality of their living a great deal.A single father from Brighton, UK named Adam Collier set up a goal of turning an old bus into the perfect living space for him and his teenage daughter, and the result has to be seen to be believed.

Honestly, I don’t recall seeing something cooler in a very long time.This 42-year-old carpenter was certain in his abilities and knew the bus could become a convenient home when they are on the run exploring the beauties of the country.

He starts the whole renovation process with a certain budget he had on mind, and was determined not to spend more than £10,000 for the whole project.

He was aware, however, that it would be a real challenge to create the mobile living space of his dreams, but he was eager to try and he really did his best. He faced some structural issues along the way, but managed to overcome them all thanks to his DIY skills and his enthusiasm.It all started with the purchase of the double-decker and getting rid of the seats. He kept some, however, and used them later on during the process. It was a long way Adam had in front of him, but the thought of designing his own house on wheels kept him going.The first issue he encountered was the lack of insulation that he had to install himself.

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After drilling some beams in order to reinforce the structure, Adam stuffed the bus with sheet insulation.

This carpenter made sure every single inch of his new home was used well.

He opted for affordable, yet fancy materials that only added to the beauty of the final result.Before placing some furniture inside, Adam very carefully considered the weight distribution, and decided to keep the bulk of weight on the lower deck. That’s where he placed the kitchen and the dining table. He chose a vibrant green color that gave the home life.The benches he used are originally from the bus, he just used sponge foam and added some cushions.

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What’s best about the dining area isn’t the fancy way it looks, but the fact the table could be folded when not in use.

For the floors and the walls, Adam used tongue-and-groove panels which gave the place sort of vintage appearance.

However, many of the things that were there already remained untouched. Ok, maybe a bit improved, such as some handles, the old tickets dumping bin, some of the signs that once served the purpose of warning and reminding the passengers of how to behave while traveling, and the side mirrors.The process was going slowly but smoothly. However, some unexpected expenses arose, such as crushed generator, which led to going over the budget.However, knowing Adam spent almost half the money he was willing to spend for the whole project on purchasing the bus which cost £4,500, he kept other things as low-cost as possible. With the idea of sticking to his budget, he found a way to get a perfect looking kitchen that didn’t cost him an arm and a leg.

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Adam bought some inexpensive kitchenette he later perfected by creating a new facade and some nice handles.

The most expensive part of the kitchen was the wooden worktop, but he didn’t mind as it really adds to the perfection of that part of the place.The bus’ staircase leads to an interesting part of Adam’s home that he refers to as the resting nook.That nook is Adam’s favorite place.

It’s perfect for relaxing your mind and body. The details, including Britain’s flag themed cushions give the sense of being home, and the feeling is priceless.The new home is spacious and Adam’s daughter can even invite her friends for a sleepover if she wishes so, there’s plenty of room for every visitor who wants to enjoy the stay in the double-decker.The new home is spacious and Adam’s daughter can even invite her friends for a sleepover if she wishes so, there’s plenty of room for every visitor who wants to enjoy the stay in the double-decker. The big windows allow plenty of natural light to enter the bus. But what Adam is most proud of is the sliding bedroom.

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It really takes a lot of creativity to come up with such a brilliant idea.

The upper deck fitted three bedroom, and that’s something people can’t afford having even in a real house.

Adam achieved this by placing a bunk bed at the back.This cool project took six months to finish, and the outcome is breathtaking. Both Adam and his daughter Devon are lovers of the sea and love surfing, so they could drive themselves to the beach whenever they want to have fun and play with the waves.Although he didn’t stick to the budget and spent additional £5,000, Adam isn’t sorry because he got something truly unique. How many people could brag of having a home on wheels? Not many, I guess.This double-decker is a picture perfect option for a second home for people like Adam and Devon, who have adventurous spirits.

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