Single Mom Dresses As A Man So Son Can Attend His School’s ‘Dad And Donuts’ Day

It’s no secret that single parents have it tough. Raising a child is difficult at the best of times, and when you don’t have someone to share the load, it can be overwhelming. That’s why single parents really are heroes in their own right. Case in point, this mom who went undercover as a dad so that her son could attend a “Dad and Donuts” event at school. “When I became a single mom over 3 years ago I made a promise with myself that I would do anything I could, even if it meant going out of my comfort zone, to give my kids a ‘normal’ life,” Utah-based mom Whitney Kittrell wrote on Facebook.

However, her “heart kinda sank” when one of her kids told her that there was a “dads and doughnuts” day at school and he had no dad to accompany him. She initially suggested that her kid’s grandpa go instead, but he replied, “no. I want you to go. You’re my mom and dad’.”

So, like a true legend, Whitney, quite literally, became a dad – fake mustache and all.

“I gathered up my best dad outfit, painted on some facial hair, and went to breakfast with my sweet son. I was so embarrassed, but I couldn’t help but smile when he introduced me to his little friends saying ‘this is my mom… she’s my dad too so I brought her!'” she wrote.

Understandably, the post garnered considerable attention on the social media website. At the time of writing this article, it has received almost 190K reactions and 102K shares – clearly, this story touched the hears of lots of people!

This is what some Facebook users had to say about Whitney’s parenting:

So, if there are any single parents reading, take comfort in Whitney’s actions – just because you’re on your own, it doesn’t mean that your kid has to miss out on anything, and like her son, they truly appreciate everything you do for them!

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