Son D-Ies Of Laughter After Realizing Stray Cat Grandma Took In Isn’t A Cat At All

Some individuals have a soft heart for stray animals. Eric Hertlein knows that his grandmother is one of these people. But during one of his visits, he noticed one of her “cats” but when he looked closer, it’s not a cat after all! Eric’s grandma is known to have soft and warm beds on her porch and she specifically has them prepared for the stray cats in the area; for them to have a comfy and safe place to sleep. She also makes sure that she has something to eat for them. She will even invite these cats into her home. Little did she know that one of the recent strays that she brought home was not a cat – it’s an Opossum.

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When Eric dropped by her grandma’s house one day to check on her, he noticed something odd among the cats on her porch. As soon as he walked into her, grandma was there to greet him and among her cats, one looks different. The Opossum was snuggled in a corner together with the other cats.

It seems like it’s enjoying a nice and comfy bed on its own. When Eric saw this, he knew that he had to take a picture of this animal and post it on Twitter.

There are three animals in the picture where one of them is curled up in the carpet while the other two are comfortably lying on soft beds. Eric’s posted this photo with this caption:

“My grandma has been taking care of a opossum these last couple months thinking it was just another cat… what is u doing grams.”

Grandma knows that Eric was shocked when he saw this “cat” but she reassured him that the Opossum has been visiting her home for a while now and she actually named him “Tete. ”Eric is not sure whether he should be alarmed or be amused by what his grandma did. During his interview with The Dodo, he said, “She assured me it was one of her cats.

I told her it wasn’t what she thought it was. ”

When Eric told his grandma that “Tete” is not a cat but is actually an opossum, grandma was shocked and confused at first but according to Eric, he laughed for a good five minutes but grandma was not aware what he was laughing about. She only realized the reason when he started pointing out the pointy nose and skinny tail. This is when she agreed that Tete was not a cat.

“My grandma has been taking care of a possum these last couple months thinking it was just another cat lmaoo what is u doing grams”

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Grandma even came a little closer to the animal to make sure because she can’t believe that she has an Opossum in her home for the past few weeks. But even though Tete is not a cat, this did not bother grandma.

Eric recalls how grandma just sat there, got a little closer, and slowly looked up at him with the biggest grin on her face and said, “Well, he hasn’t bothered me yet, so I’m OK with him being here. ”

It seems like it’s not only grandma who accepts Tete in this home but also her other cats. They don’t really mind that Tete is an Opossum because he is able to adapt well to the other cats and humans. How this all became possible remains to be a mystery not only to Eric but the entire world who saw the picture on Twitter.

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Written by Diana

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