Stranger Kept Blocking This Guy’s Parking Space With His Car, So He Used His Mechanic Skills To Hide It

We can’t avoid inconsiderate drivers on the road or in public parking garages, but when we get home the one thing we hope we can rely on is having a spot waiting for us.

Well, this was not the case for one Australian redditor. In his post, the disgruntled car owner explained that an annoying trend was starting to occur of a strange car parking in his reserved place. Determined to find a resolution he tried several peaceful tactics but nothing worked, so he decided to take matters into his own hands. Scroll down below to find out how this fed-up redditor finally got revenge on a careless car owner. Not sure if this is petty or pro, but it was certainty creative and extremely funny at the time so I’ll try here.

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I live in an apartment building which has end to end parking for two spaces per apartment, and access to the parking levels (1-5) are done via a locked automatic roller door which people can only get through if they have a remote for it (or sneak through behind someone else).

I only have a single car, and sometimes I let my friends park in the space in front of my car if they give me notice, so I generally park at the back of the double space (plus it’s easier for my neighbors who have two cars).

Earlier this year, a random car began parking in front of mine on Friday afternoons, meaning I couldn’t go out with my car on Friday nights, annoying, but not the biggest issue when you live super close to the city. This continued nearly every week over about 5 weeks when I didn’t park my car at the front of the bay (which I began doing), but times I planned to leave the space free for friends coming over or whatever, the car appeared again.

I made repeated attempts to stop this behavior by leaving notes, which escalated into leaving print outs of a photo of the car with the license plate clearly visible and an explanation that if it happened again I’d press charges and/or have the vehicle towed. Well, it happened again, and this time it was still there Saturday afternoon when I had been planning on going away with a group of my mates. My guess is, someone went out on Friday, got dr-unk, and decided to pick up the car “later”, not concerning themselves with the inconvenience it caused anyone else. It clearly hadn’t moved, as my aggressive note telling them to f k off was still there sitting limply under their wiper blades.

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I figured enough was enough, it was time to have the vehicle towed, so I called building management and eventually calling a towing company, who refused to help because the space was on the third floor, and they can’t get any trucks up to that level because of the height and space restrictions.

Ordinarily most people would be pretty much screwed at this point, and I will admit I briefly considered sitting on the hood of the car until the jackass came to pick it up whilst sending my mates on their way without me, but they would have had to work out a new arrangement for transport as one car wouldn’t have cut it.

Fortunately for me however, my parents only live 30 minutes away, and have a garage where I work on one of my cars that’s getting at the tail end of a minor restoration. One of the things I use pretty often is a set of Vehicle Positioning Jacks, to jam my project car right up against the wall of the garage to minimize the space it takes up. For anyone that doesn’t Vehicle positing Jacks are basically devices that slot under each wheel then likft the car up on hydraulics so you can free wheel in any direction.

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Whilst I hadn’t originally gone to retrieve them, when I had to take my project car off them, a bright idea came to my head.

None of my mates minded spending an extra hour to screw someone over that had interfered with us, so we grabbed the jacks, and went back, propped the car up, and wheeled it out. Six guys can easily move around a small hatchback, so we pushed across the level slowly and carefully, to an area where there isn’t parking, but is a load supporting pillar with space enough for a car behind it, in a little section of the garage where it isn’t lit, and is completely out of the way.

Typically there’s a guy on my level that parks a motor bike there, but he isn’t meant to, and I doubted he minded. We dumped it between the pillar and the wall, with the nose pointing towards the wall, I took back my angry note, the jacks, and we left to enjoy our weekend. When he came back Monday afternoon after the long weekend the car was still there, which was no real surprise considering there was only about a foot of space for movement between the pillar and car, and another foot or so between the car and the wall. From the fact the front wheels had changed we’re guessing they did try to get it out, unsuccessfully. It eventually went later in the week, though I’m not exactly sure how they managed it.

I never saw that car again.

Info Edit 1:
My sh**ty MS paint graphic (made in GIMP, because way to break the mold) to explain the positioning! NOW WITH ANIMATIONS! For the record I’m pretty sure we spun it around half a dozen times whilst moving it, because none of my mates had ever seen the ease of which Vehicle Positioning Jacks move cars around. I probably could have done it myself since I know how they tend to move, but two novices could easily have done it extremely easily. Plus, there is something weirdly amusing about dancing a car around as it slides in directions it was never meant to and that you only see in car crash dash cam videos from Russia.

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Info Edit 2:
For anyone who doesn’t understand how parking in my building works, it’s like this. Two car spaces per apartment, but one car goes in front of the other. Hope that clears up why I couldn’t just move my car out and leave his where it was.

Info Edit 3:
A few people have asked why I don’t simply park at the front of my spaces. I don’t always drive to work, because I live close enough so my car stays home. My mates will need to go into city every so often (usually happens randomly like once a week), so if I leave my car at the front of the bay, I’d either need to go home to move it, or tell my mates they’re sh t out of luck.

I’d rather not take away a benefit to my friends all because the occasional jackass (and single persistent jackass) wants to freeload too. At least my mates buy me beer or pay for my gas occasionally. Plus the person parking in my space illegally is the one doing something wrong, not me.

Info Edit 4:
Police also will not help unless the vehicle has been there long enough to be considered “abandoned”, however cite that I’m within my right to have the vehicle moved or towed, which as I’ve pointed out won’t happen because of the difficulty unless I pay a ridiculous removal fee which is greater than the impound charge.

People were impressed with his elaborate revenge plan



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