Teacher Spends All Night On Emotional Easter Surprise Has Kids Walk Into Classroom And Can’t Speak [Video]

Brent Walker is a fifth-grade math teacher at Sheehy Elementary School in Tampa, Florida. This past year, Brent decided to surprise his students with a very special Easter celebration. He initially planned to head to his local Walmart and pick up enough plastic Easter eggs so his homeroom class of 20 kids could partake in an egg hunt. But when he walked through the store and spotted the aisle of bigger and more festive Easter baskets, full of chocolates and candies and toys, he instantly wished he could splurge and buy those instead.

Nothing prepared the kindhearted teacher for what he discovered once word spread throughout his community.

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Brent took to Facebook to see if any of his friends were interested in sponsoring not only his homeroom students but all three of his fifth-grade classes – 63 kids in total. Brent arrived at school early the next morning to set up his big surprise, and his fellow teachers were happy to chip in and help. After all, many of Brent’s students come from families who can’t afford to give them Easter presents.

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In the heartwarming video below, the kids show up to homeroom and see what’s waiting for them on each of their desks… Their expressions are absolutely priceless. Brent spoke with FOX 13 to express his gratitude for everyone who helped him pull off the best Easter surprise ever.

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“I think it will encourage them, hopefully, to really do their best and try harder, because they know people they’ve never met before are fighting for them and are encouraging them from all over the place. I mean this was coming from all over the country.”

What a wonderful gesture from complete strangers! Hopefully, this does empower this classroom of kids to work hard and someday pay it forward.

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