Teen With No Other Choice, Accepts Ride Home From Stranger. Then His Life Gets Turned Upside-Down

Life has never been easy for a 16-year-old boy named Chauncy Black. He has been through life’s rockiest challenges that we may not be able to deal with on our own. Yes, he has a roof above his head together with his mom, but what to eat on a daily basis has always been a problem for them. He and his mother are starving so he decided to head to one of the places where he knows food would plenty – the Kroger Grocery Store.

Kroger Grocery Store is located in a neighborhood where affluent families live. He didn’t know what to expect, but this brave young man took a chance. He had no money but he was able to gather enough change for a bus fare that would bring him to the grocery home, and back home. His plan? Work in exchange for a bite of food. That’s how desperate he is at that time. He just wanted food to feed his starving stomach, but what he didn’t expect is a chance encounter with a stranger that would change Chauncy’s life forever.

When he arrived, he bravely approached a stranger and asked if he can carry his groceries for him to his car in exchange for donuts. The stranger that Chauncy approached was Matt White. He was moved by this boys’ request so he gladly agreed. He said:

“This kid looked like he had been turned down 100 times. He looked ashamed, hungry and broken. In my heart, I screamed a loud “yes!”, but to him, I just chuckled and said, “yeah dude, we’ll get you some donuts.”

Later on, Matt found out that this boy has no phone and he only has his bus pass and a hungry who waits for him at home. Chauncy was only depending on the help of other people that day to help feed him before he climbs up that bus that would bring him home in an hour. When Matt learned about this boy’s life, he decided that a single pack of donuts will not be enough. The kid needs help and he could not just ignore it.

Matt loaded up a cart full of groceries that Chauncy can take home with him to his mom. While these two were grocery shopping, Matt learned that Chauncy is a straight-A student and he was trying to get a job to help support his mom, himself, and their rent. Matt offered him a ride home and Chauncy’s mom was more than surprised to see a stranger do this for them. Matt can tell that Chauncy’s mom was really fragile. She was shaking uncontrollably and walking was a difficult thing for her to do.

Matt’s help didn’t stop there. He started a GoFundMe account to help raise money for the needs of this small family. The account was able to raise $341,000! This means that Chauncy will not only be able to buy his mom a new pair of pants and a new bed, but he will also be able to buy an equipment that he can use to start his lawn mowing business.

Chauncy may had a rough life, but he never gave up on ‘living’ for himself and for his mother. With the help of a total stranger, the collected fund would be able to somehow help support the basic needs that Chauncy and his mother needs, thanks to Matt White who didn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.


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