Texas Man’s Response To Woman Telling Him She’s Trans Honestly Gives Us So Much Hope [Video]

A man in Texas has gone viral simply for telling a transgender woman that her gender identity wouldn’t stop him from dating her. Tiffany Monroe, a 22-year-old college student, and trans-YouTuber, tweeted a screenshot of an iMessage conversation on March 3 with the caption: “I told this guy I was trans and look at his response.”

The picture shows him telling her: “Honestly I ain’t worried too much about that if that’s the case.

I mean you a woman [sic] and I ain’t gay so what you talking about exactly. “It’s 2019. I’m a grown man your past shouldn’t matter like that.”

Monroe later explained that “it is the bare minimum but when you are in a society that treats trans women like dirt, we can be happy about the little wins we do get.”

Message from pro-transgender Texas man showered with praise
The text has attracted more than 140,000 retweets and likes from people who loved how passionately accepting the man was.

Some got emotional at the idea of men who love women accepting transgender women.

One of these tweeters wrote: “The way I grew up this is still kinda weird to see or think about but it makes me really happy to see this kind of positivity!! “We should all be able to be this accepting despite how we were raised.”

Another said: “It’s my wildest dream that every trans woman can have a sh-ot at meeting a guy that can treat her like this. Because we deserve it.

“For all the hardships of trans life, we deserve to have healthy relationships and meet someone that will not make us feel any less of a woman.

Many others proclaimed that the Texas man’s message exuded “BIG DICK ENERGYYYY,” though some were more inclined to suggest that he was exhibiting “husband energy.”

A lot of users voiced a desire for more men to adopt a pro-trans approach to their love lives. “More men like this please,” wrote one person.

Another tweeted: “Men need to grow up and be more like this.” And a different user commented: “We’re only supporting men who are secure with themselves in 2019 😌.”

Transgender Texas woman Tiffany Monroe receives love and hate after going viral Monroe said she had to deal with a wave of ab-use after the tweet became popular.

She wrote: “All the ugly men quoting this and being transphobic, I hope the girl you f**king with gives you chlamydia.

You ugly bit-ches.”

Fortunately, the transgender student also received many supportive messages. She told her new fans: “Thank you to all the lovely people being so nice to me, Y’all are beautiful, deserve love and I hope you have a good night/day!

“To everyone being rude & transphobic, suck a fart outta my ass bit-ches,” added Monroe.

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