The Look On Michelle Obama’s Face Sitting Next To The Trumps At Bush’s Fu-neral Is Everyone’s Mood

During the fu-neral of President George H.W. Bush, everyone anticipated the moment Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, would come face to face with Barack and Michelle Obama.

Needless to say, the tension between the four was palpable. Photos from the first row of pews showed Donald, Melania, and Barack had a similar stoic and somber face. However, our favorite former first lady made no effort to hide her dissatisfaction with the seating arrangements. And her face was a mood to end all moods. Once the photo was posted on the Shade Room’s Instagram page, people were finding Mrs. Obama’s look relatable af.

Image: Source

“When you’re forced to go to an event you don’t care about,” commented @uldouz.

“When the pastor says ‘I’m almost done’ for the 47th time,” wrote @success_only.

“When you decide to go out and regret it immediately,” wrote another Instagram user. Never has a single face perfectly summed up a reaction to an entire presidency.



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