These Hilarious Tweets About Parenting Sums Up How Raising Boys Is The Ultimate Test Of Patience

Having young boys in the house unquestionably has its own advantages and disadvantages. Somedays they can be simple, while others – extreme, irritating, and simply unusual. Therefore, the best way to get past those awful days without losing any nerve cells is trying to take a look at everything with a little humor! Nevertheless, having a boy child is an incredible blessing, and other parents with boys absolutely understand this.

Moreover, there’s an implicit bond that joins all the parents who are raising boys, which generally develops out of the cheerful fatigue they all share on a regular schedule running behind their boys.

Their day isn’t complete without something b-reaking or spilling or leaking, to say the least. Along the same lines, we’ve gathered the most hilariously relatable tweets about raising boys and they’re priceless:

1. True story

2. Painfully hilarious


Ulterior motives

4. Truly handy

5. Didn’t see that coming

6. Future Prodigy


Pure terror

8. Right in the feels

9. Rock and a hard place

10. Finding humor in pain

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