This Guy Received A Message Saying He’d Won 1.2M But Needs To Pay A Delivery Fee

An NHS nursing assistant, Tom Sheerin from Liverpool, England received an uninvited message, from someone claiming and promising him a cash prize and a jeep. He decided to turn the tables and to teach him a lesson. He decided to have some fun with the man and kept him busy for almost 2 hours on chat. There was a hilarious exchange of questions and he stung the man by asking him questions and he even sent him a picture of a random horse that was drawn by his son.

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Now, this is quite hilarious. Read the full conversation below.

It’s not the first time that he was approached by the man. He said in one of his posts, “I have answered a few in the past, but they realized it quickly that I am taking the piss but this one was determined so I kept him busy.”

The gormless approach and execution of the act left Tom with an open goal. Tom took his chance and made a complete fool and shows why scouser humor is up there with the very best.

Written by Diana

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