This Incredible Couple Has Two Daughters, And They Took Over The Internet With Their Beauty (Video)

The extraordinary couple, Nikki and Jamie Perkins live in the Australian city of Melbourne. The couple met nine years ago, on a social media site, Myspace, ever since they were inseparable. Nikki, 28 was a successful model of New York, at that time. She was working for a top-tier agency, IMG while Jamie, 34 was a cinematographer working on the music video production. They are married for five years now. They look striking together, while in public places, all the eyes were only on them. Friends call them ‘coffee with milk’ because of their skin color.

The couple now run a YouTube channel, which turns out to be very successful having 1.4 million followers. Six years ago, while proposing Niki, Jamie made his first video and posted it on social media. It reached 4.6 million likes. Later the marriage video of the two got 8 million likes. So, they came up with the idea of doing blogging. They don’t share their entire day routine and all their activities instead they give time to their elder daughter.

The latest video shows Nikki’s second pregnancy. Two years ago, they had a girl, Ava. The girl has inherited her features from both the parents. The little girl is a star on social media from day one. Jamie has joined a campaign called “Do Not Disturb Playtime” launched by LEGO, which encourages Aussie parents to turn off their phones from 5 pm – 8 pm and spend time with their kids and play with them. Jamie said, “I can’t wait to meet my next kid and so their elder daughter, Ava.”

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