This Little Girl Clash Her Mom’s Audition And Ended Up Making It One The Judges Will Never Forget [Video]

Children look up to their parents. They mimic their every move and facial expression after all. But when a mother and a daughter share the same interests and passions, it is a heartwarming connection for them.

Not only does mom feel like she is doing something wonderful, the little girl feels like she is close to her mom and loved very much.
In this story, a toddler looked up to her mom as she prepared to compete on a talent television show. Because mom practiced very hard to complete her dance routine, the toddler knew the routine almost as good as mom did.

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Mom is a dancer.

She has been for most of her life. She loves music and moving to it and exploring the world through her body. So when a talent television show was coming to town, her family encouraged her to audition for it. And mom’s two-year-old daughter couldn’t have been more excited to see mom going for the gold like that.

When the day of the audition finally came around, mom brought her daughter into the green room to give her a last boost of encouragement. Having her daughter nearby meant all the difference to mom. So she gave the two-year-old a big smooch as they called her name and it was time for her to go out and perform her dance routine.

She does a wonderful job! And when the audition is done, the little girl runs on stage and whispers into her mother’s ear. Everyone is enamored with the child because she is in a pink dress and absolutely cute. But what did she whisper to her mother? As it turns out, the little girl wanted to show the judges the dance she had been practicing as well.

Mom asks the judges if it is okay for her daughter to perform a few moves, and they readily agree.

Of course, they want to see the toddler shake her stuff on the talent competition show! It makes for great television.

The little girl does a great job given her age. Although she is much too young to have anything down professionally as her mother does, the girl certainly understands the concept of dance and performance. And when she finishes her few moves, the audience rises to their feet and blasts the girl with wild applause.

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Of the 1.4 million views on the video below, hundreds shared comments about how cute the little ballerina was.

“That was surprisingly good for a two-year-old like her ki-cks were fairly high.”

“Very nice. We need more videos like this to make us feel better after viewing all the other **** on here.” “During her wedding reception, this will be played… everyone will laugh except her dad… he will be in tears with a big smile on his face.”

“She was priceless. She has obviously been watching mommy. Lovely! Uplifting! Thanks very much for posting this.” “She could possibly be the best two-year-old ballet dancer in the world. After all, she did get a standing ovation. Thanks for sharing, she is a cutie pie.”

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