This Mom Discovered A Shirt She Ordered Online From China Had A, Uh, Unique Design Element

An Illinois mom has been left shocked after a t-shirt she purchased for her young daughter off the internet arrived in the mail with a very rude slogan printed on it. Earlier this month, Kelsey Dawn Williamson ordered the $6 tee from AliExpress as a gift for her three-year-old, Salem. Williamson bought the item from the online retailer based in China believing it would only feature a graphic of the characters Frog and Toad, from Arthur Lobel’s beloved 1970 children’s book of the same name. However, when the shirt was delivered to her home, the mother was surprised to see that the words were additionally printed below the adorable image.

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After her initial surprise wore off, Williamson managed to see the funny side of the situation, and posted a photo of Salem wearing the rather rude t-shirt to social media.

‘What I ordered VS what I received. I love China. I cannot stop screaming. WHO DOES THIS?’ Williamson wrote beneath the image of her toddler in the tee. The mom’s post quickly went viral, garnering 55,000 likes and hundreds of comments.

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While many managed to find humor in the social media post, some thought the garment was inappropriate for the three-year-old to wear, even if in jest. Meanwhile, others chimed in and cr-iticizing Salem’s physique.

Speaking with BuzzFeed on Thursday, Williamson stated: ‘People were actually messaging me just to say mean things about her. A ton of people calling her fat, asking me what I feed her to make her so big, telling me the shirt I bought was too small.’

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The mom even considered deleting her post because of the bad comments, before she instead decided to add an amendment to her original post. ‘Editing because I’ve seen some nasty attitudes,’ she wrote.

‘Salem is three and can’t read. I did not buy this. This is what I was sent. No, she won’t wear it in public’. Williamson also added: ‘She sees specialists for her weight. She can’t help it. I can’t help it. My husband can’t help it. It is out of our control. Just laugh at the funny shirt.

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Meanwhile, AliExpress has not responded to media inquiries as to how the children’s shirt managed to feature the anti-cop slogan.

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