Toddler Perfected Her Routine Over Months. Just 4 Seconds Into Her Dance, Her Brothers Take It To The Next Level [Video]

Moms, wives, and girlfriends all over the world have seen their lives impacted by the video game sensation Fortnite. Though this video game launched a few years ago, it only gained popularity in the last year, and it has quickly swept the entire world. Wives and girlfriends have had trouble getting video game controllers out of their male significant other’s hands, and mothers have been left clueless about the words their children have started using that come from the game.

Anyone who knows anything about Fortnite knows that the animated characters in the game celebrate their wins with some unusual dance moves.

It can be hilarious when children try to replicate these moves in real life, and that’s exactly what happens in this video! The little girl in this video is tired of watching her three brothers play Fortnite, so she decides to imitate some of the characters’ moves herself. It doesn’t take long for her brothers to step in to help her, and what happens next is adorably funny!

The video opens with the little girl standing with her head down and her head covering her face. As the song “Powerglide” begins playing, the little girl begins to “shoo,” a move in which she fist pumps in the air and kicks with one leg while hopping on the other. Suddenly, one of her brothers enters the sh-ot, then another, then another! The kids all then shoo together, clearly having a great time playing with their siblings!

Check out the video below:

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