Toddler Tells Dad She Has A Boyfriend At Dinner Only Dad’s Comeback Has Everyone Rolling

Dating and having a significant other is a huge milestone for teens. The thought of going out on that first real date causes butterflies to flit about in the stomach. There’s so many questions! What to wear, when to hold hands, and don’t forget that first kiss! Sure, there are childhood cr-ushes along the way, too. Kids go ga-ga over a singer and the latest h-unky heartthrob in the movies really puts a t-ween in a t-izzy.

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Maybe there’s a super cute kid who just moved to town. Or a really sweet little boy at preschool who has captured the heart of the sassiest little toddler who beaks the news to Dad at dinnertime — and it doesn’t go over very well.

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While sitting at the dinner table, a wee one with her hair pulled up atop her head sets her fork down and pretends to itch her nose while disclosing to dad her big news. Their responses are hilarious.

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“I got a boyfriend.” “Oh no you do not.” “Oh yes I do.” “Oh no you don’t.” “Oh yes I do.”

The two go back and forth with others giggling in the background at the grilling the little girl is taking from Dad. But she isn’t about to back down yet no matter how adamant Dad is.

“That boyfriend better be talking to your daddy.”
She is not impressed with Dad’s demand. No way is she going to introduce her dad to her boyfriend!

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When would it happen? At snack time? Nap time? Maybe at a play date? This was not happening as far as she’s concerned and she lets him know that in no uncertain terms.

“No no no!” “Yes, he better.” “No. He is my boyfriend.” Dad insists that he has to meet this new beau. But his daughter isn’t having any of that nonsense!

“He needs to come talk to me first. You tell him that.”
She drops her head down and puts her palm up to her forehead as if Dad’s demands are just too much for her to handle. But Dad’s not done yet though.

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“You got it?”
She’s a bit inaudible next, but she pretty much lays it on the table, telling everyone that “this is my boyfriend.” She gets sassy and starts rambling on, completely unimpressed with Dad’s expectations of meeting her new boyfriend.

If this is how she responds at such a young age, Dad is in trouble when she really is old enough to date. This dad is going to have his hands full with this cutie pie falling in love already.

Her sass overload is too darn cute right now! But watch out world when she’s a teen!

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