Trainer Cr-ushed To D-eath When Elephant Sits On His Head After He Whips It [VIDEO]

This is the shocking moment an animal carer was ac-cidentally cr-ushed to d-eath by an elephant after he wh-ipped it so hard he lost his balance and fell underneath it. Video footage shows Arun Panikkar, 40, washing the elephant in his care in Karappuzha in Kottayam district of Kerala in southern India. He is seen trying to make the elephant lie down in order to clean its back, but the animal is reluctant.

Mr Panikkar h-its it with a stick, but as he does so, he slips and falls, just as the animal sits down. The CCTV footage shows the elephant cr-ushing Mr Panikkar underneath him.

Another man who is off-camera is seen rushing into view and attempts to move the huge elephant, without luck. Eventually he uses a huge stick to persuade the animal to stand up and is then seen pulling the elephant carer from underneath its body.

But by this time it was too late, and the later examination confirmed Mr. Panikkar had been k-lled instantly.

An investigation is being carried out into the tr-agedy involving the elephant, which was reportedly owned by a local hospital trust.

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Written by Diana

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