Two Women Stopped To Help Young Man Pushing An Old Man Uphill In Boiling Temps

Paarl was experiencing sweltering temperatures, even in the shade so when Mandie and Nicolene saw a young man struggling through the heat they had to help Paarl, Western Cape – On the 5th of February, Cape Town was experiencing sweltering heat.

At around lunchtime in Paarl, it was 35 degrees in the shade. Not the kind of conditions anyone should be overexerting themselves in.

Nicolene Swarts and Mandi Erasmus, working with HEART NPO, were on their our way to deliver a bunch of flowers and feel-better gift to a local can-cer patient who had just been released from the hospital.

The NPO focusses on providing community services to vulnerable people, restoring dignity and hope. The NPO will be celebrating one year of doing good in the Paarl area on the 7th of February.

“We have worked together for most of this time, and I can tell you about many ways in which Mandie makes a difference daily.

BUT, what happened today was just so natural and beautiful. As we came up to a bridge, there was a young man visibly struggling to push an elderly disabled gentleman up the hill to get over the bridge.”

As it was so unbelievably hot, seeing the young man struggling up the hill instantly pulled on Mandie’s heartstrings. She immediately asked their driver to stop so they could assist the young man pushing the elderly gentleman up the hill.

“Mandie immediately asked our driver to stop, which he could only do on the other side of the bridge, out of traffic. Mandie jumped out and ran back over the bridge and after a while, came walking toward the vehicle, pushing the gentleman in the wheelchair to give the other gentleman a b-reak.

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She invited them into the vehicle and told them we would take them home.

They were probably still 6 or 7 km’s from home, and it was such a relief to both of them, on their way from the hospital.”

They drove the pair into an area called “D-e Skiem” and dropped them off right outside their bungalow. Nicolene was lucky enough to snap a picture of Mandie helping the pair up and over the hill.

“She helped them out of the vehicle, great big hugs and heartfelt thanks was given, and we were on our way again.”
“Here is one more example of our amazing people and our wonderful country.”

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