Waitress Is Tipped $36 On A $30 Bill But It’s The Note Attached That Has Her B-reaking Down

Losing a loved one is painful, more so if they are family. People have been known to m-ourn for years while others remain in denial. Waking up to the realization that you will never see them again tears the heart apart, and it is a special kind of sadness that few things surpass.

To deal with this pain, people have come up with various ways of honoring their d-ead.

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Some visit their graves and leave flowers behind, and others dedicate their achievements to their loved ones. One couple in Tennessee have found an excellent way to honor their d-ead brother, and it has touched the hearts of most people who have heard their story.

Claire Hudson was going through her typical workday at Mac’s Grab Shac restaurant. It was a slow day, and she attended to the few with as much enthusiasm as she could muster. She was trying to keep up her spirits when a couple walked in and placed their order. Little did she know that they would leave something behind that would brighten up her day and turn it around.

When the couple settled in, Claire when to attend to them, and they asked her to bring them a couple of beers.

They then ordered some hot dogs which Claire served gladly. She did not give them much thought until she saw their cheque after they had left. They had paid thirty dollars for their order and tipped her thirty-six dollars. She could not believe it.

As she puzzled about it, she realized that they had also left a note behind. When she read it, she cried. Claire could not believe what she was seeing. It was one of the saddest yet most amazing things anyone could do for someone else.

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In the note, the couple explained that they had lost their brother years ago.

He would be turning thirty-six that day. To honor him, the couple goes out every year on his birthday and eats hotdogs. They were his favorite, with beer. They also tip the waiter or waitress an amount equal to the age that the deceased brother would be turning. This year, he would have turned thirty-six.

It was clear that the man was very beloved. When the management read the note, they decided to do something to honor the brother too. They have since been looking for the couple so that they would ask them what their brother liked on his hotdogs. They would set up a special type of hotdog to honor him too.

This story has been shared on social media thousands of times and has touched many hearts all over the world. We can’t help but remember those we have lost along the way. It may be mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandpas, lovers, husbands, wives or even friends. We should be comforted in knowing that they are in a better place.

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To honor them, we can do good deeds and show kindness to other people.

Like this couple, we can brighten up someone’s day. If they pas-sed away from sickness, we can visit those in hospitals and send them flowers or something equally pleasant. As long as they stay in our memories, they will always be loved.

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