Wakeboarding Woman Is Being Filmed When Cameraman Notices She Is Not Alone In The Water

It’s pretty obvious that the dolphins approached the humans. And either way, dolphins have the option to swim away if they choose to. They didn’t. If you’ve ever gone diving in the ocean and seen dolphins you’ll notice they are very curious creatures.

They are the second smartest animal on the planet (next to humans), and they are peaceful creatures. If they felt threatened in anyway they could have chosen to leave but they didn’t.

The guy in this video was right, it did make a YouTube sensation because how often do you see something like this. It is INSANE.

They were just out enjoying some wakeboarding but nothing could prepare them for what Nature had in store for them.

Just as this girl was starting her run a pod of dolphins decided to crash the party out of nowhere and make a simple day of outdoor fun into a fantastic and unforgettable experience.


Written by Diana

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