Wendy Williams’ Husband Reportedly Gets Millions To ‘Quietly’ Leave Her Talk Show

Wendy Williams may have finally cut ties with her ch-eating husband but that doesn’t mean Kevin Hunter will go away quietly. A source close to Williams tells PEOPLE that the daytime TV host, 54, will be dismissed Hunter as her manager in the wake of her divorce filing, and he wants a lucrative settlement that will also include a severance package for exiting “The Wendy Williams Show” as an executive producer. Kevin is also one of the owners of Wendy’s production company, which co-produces her talk show. Sources close to the couple tell The Blast, Hunter is not fi-ghting the decision to end the marriage or his role on the show. But he wants to get paid and he is reportedly looking to bag a multi-million dollar settlement.

According to the report, Hunter will no longer be allowed on the set and the staffers are said to be “celebrating” his departure because “nobody liked him” on the crew.

“Sources close to negotiations tell us the exit deal will take time due to so many assets co-mingled between the personal and professional lives of the former couple,” The Blast writes.

As we previously reported, Williams and Hunter are gearing up for what could be a fierce divorce showdown as sources claim he is demanding a $10 million payoff to walk away quietly from their 21-year marriage, RadarOnline reports.

In New Jersey, where the couple once resided together, marital assets “are divided in such a manner determined to be fair — but not necessarily equal — by the courts,” per

“On the flip side, d-rug habituation can also be grounds for a fault divorce, so Hunter could ac-cuse Wendy of causing the s-plit due to her ongoing issues with substance ab-use,” The Blast writes.

“Kevin won’t go quietly. He’s seen Wendy at rock-bottom and knows all of her deepest, darkest, dirtiest secrets!” spilled an insider.

“He’s been telling pals if she starts to make this nasty, he will not hesitate to drag her through the mud. Kevin has so much on her, there will certainly be no Wendy Williams Show by the time he’s finished! He feels a few million for him to sign an NDA and start fresh is a bargain. It’s either that — or certain ruin for Wendy!”

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