What Is Your Soul Symbol? Your Birth Month Has The Answer

1. Dragon (January)

People born in January are ambitious—they align with the Dragon soul symbol, meaning that you won’t stop at anything to realize your dreams. You also have a fi-re within you, but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing. It can sometimes represent drive, sometimes anger, but it’s up to you to control.

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2. Phoenix (February)

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Just like a phoenix rises from the ashes after de-ath to be reborn, people born in February are able to persevere no matter what the circumstances. To have the Phoenix soul symbol means you are a true fig-hter!

3. Yin-Yang (March)

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The Yin-Yang represents balance and understanding light and darkness simply as two different ways to bring harmony to your life. This is also another way of saying that you know just how to seek out opposing forces in life to bring yourself inner peace.

4. Lion (April)

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People born in April are known for being fearless. You typically stand out in a room full of others and most align with the Lion as your soul symbol.

5. Wolf (May)

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If you’re born in May, you can be very reserved around others. Like a wolf leading a pack, you take charge subtly while working in a group setting.

6. Fish (June)

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Fish are flexible, free, and able to go and do whatever they please. In the same way, this resembles somebody who was born in June – you swim freely through life’s challenges.

7. Fi-re (July)

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People born in July have driving personalities that, just like fi-re, bu-rn brightly. You can be very hostile, but that’s also usually your way of staying motivated.

8. Horse (August)

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Just like a horse running wild and free in a meadow, you are not often intimidated by any challenges that get in your way. You don’t like to avoid work and can’t be controlled by anyone but yourself.

9. Flower (September)

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September brings out the sweetness in everyone; those born in September are as easy and simple as the wonderful smells that come from a flower. They are also delicate, but beautiful through their graciousness and warmth.

10. Star (October)

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People who were born in October tend to guide others and shine brightly, similar to how a star guides travelers in the de-ad of night.

11. Tree (November)

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Similar to the flowers of September, November also brings out a nourishing quality in people. If you’re born in November, that’s because you believe in patience, waiting for fruit to grow, and are unafraid of being giving without expecting much in return.

12. Water (December)

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Just as water is flowing, you are flexible and always ready to adapt to any situation. You can be calm or stormy depending on the situation, but always fluid and gentle in your touch.

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