While Defending Jordyn Woods ‘Love & Hip Hop’ Star Masika Kalysha Tells Khloé The Truth About Tristan Thompson

The social media outrage over the whole Tristan Thompson kiss with Jordyn Woods incident has quickly shifted from Kylie’s (former?) BFF to Khloe Kardashian’s petulant public behavior. Khloe has both reacted on Twitter to Woods’ newly-released appearance on Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table Talk and the subsequent backlash she’s getting about not mentioning Tristan as being a part of the scandal. Perhaps one of the best reactions (and frankly, truth-tellings) to the whole situation is Masika Kalysha’s. The Love & Hip Hop star took to her Twitter and unearthed a take that the Kardashian sister needs to read.

It seems that Masika is hinting that Jordyn isn’t the only person Tristan has targeted his affection for at a house party.

During her Red Table Talk interview, Jordyn Woods revealed she’s been getting th-reats over this whole thing. She also claimed that she did not sleep with Tristan, but rather he simply kissed her upon her departure from a house party he was throwing. Her story is a far cry from the narrative that has dominated headlines this past week: that Jordyn put moves on Tristan and they blatantly hooked up at a house party.

According to Masika, Khloe’s relationship problems go way deeper than whatever happened between her man and Jordyn…

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