Wife Gives Birth To 6th Baby Dad Looks Down And Starts Screaming [Video]

These days, it doesn’t seem like it’s very common for parents to wait until their child is born to find out if they’re having a boy or a girl. Why wait, when ultrasounds can provide a definitive answer in an instant and make it easy to load up on the right baby gear! Even if mom and dad don’t know the gender beforehand, they’re usually still happy with “whatever” pops out! But, wait until you see the reaction of this new father – it will totally take you by surprise!

Watching this dad while he’s waiting to hear the baby news is almost like watching a horror movie. Before you know it, a loud noise scares you silly when you least expect it!

When he finally has a clear view of the baby, he just starts screaming. After repeatedly yelling “Oh my God!” the doctor told him to sit down and not scare everyone else in the room.

Whoa, what did the doctors discover after the man’s wife gave that final push? This is how dad felt: “It wasn’t a case of being excited; we were both stunned.”

Watch the video below and find out the real reason why daddy was so taken aback. It turns out that waiting until his wife went into labor was the best way for this new father to celebrate an incredible milestone.

The doctor found the dad’s enthusiasm hilarious. Dad just couldn’t contain his excitement. So what do you think about Dad’s reaction to the news? He kept complimenting and congratulating his wife, too. Dad keeps pacing around the delivery room unable to sit down any longer. He’s so funny and absolutely adorable.

This last-minute gender reveal party will have you smiling right alongside the happy couple.

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