Woman Sleeps With Guy And Leaves Dress Behind, His Mum Wears It On Night Out

A carer who left a black dress in an old flame’s bedroom after a night of passion claims she was stunned to discover it being worn on nights out – by his mum…Lillie Haines, 21, was ‘having a nose’ through Caroline Eastwood’s Facebook photos earlier this week when she spotted the mum posing in an all too familiar black dress with mesh cutouts. In this photo Caroline is donning a pair of gold strappy heels and what Lillie believes to be the size 12 H&M dress she left in Caroline’s son Sam’s bedroom back in 2017.

After revealing her bizarre discovery on social media, Lillie became embroiled in a w-ar of words with Caroline – who appeared to admit to seizing the dress after thinking it was her ‘friend’s’.

Caroline ac-cused those who mocked her for the mix-up to be simply ‘jealous’ that she could pull of the dress of a 20-year-old and ‘look better in it’. She has got a point, I guess.

Lillie, of Havant, Hampshire, said: “I was just having a nose through her [Caroline’s] Facebook the other day. I just stumbled across it and saw she had uploaded a photo and I was like ‘that’s my dress’. I was just sat there thinking to myself ‘what the h-ell?’

“I just had to laugh about it because I was in so much shock. It’s hilarious. I just can’t get my head around it. [Since posting about it] I’ve had so many comments from people saying it’s so gross. It’s embarrassing her [Caroline] commenting on it.

“She’ll probably keep it even after all of this. It wouldn’t surprise me if she puts up a photo over the weekend or whenever she next wears it.”

Lillie first tweeted about the ordeal on February 7 and her post has since received the attention of more than 3,000 people eager to find out more.

She wrote: “I shagged someone and left my dress round theirs, now there mums started wearing it on nights out, confused.”

But the real drama unfolded when Lillie’s pal shared her friend’s post on Facebook on 9 February and Caroline got wind of it. Since then, the mum has posted a string of comments, admitting ‘that was me’ and ac-cusing Lillie of being a ‘jealous s–g’.

Caroline commented: “Oops that was me!! Jealousy is an ugly trait! Get over it girls I am impressed I can wear a 19/20 yr old dress and look so much better in it!!

“Imagine admitting on Facebook that you’re a s–g and just leave your clothes round a bloke’s house… Don’t worry sweetheart, I put it on a hot wash first. lol If I had know it was hers I would have 100% chucked it!!!”

Lillie replied: “How’s that jealousy. Imagine wearing something your son shagged in tho.” Oh God, this is getting out of hand.

And the carer’s pals were quick to come to her defence with some hilarious responses to Caroline’s comments.

One person said: “Come off it Caroline I bet mid band you snuck your way in that room and thieved it you mare. You had your eye on that dress the whole time.”

Another commented: “Imagine actually being a grow women/mother trying to justify st-ealing a dress from her sons bedroom. I’m d-ead mate. What a bunch of freaks.”

And when Lillie commented that she didn’t want the dress back, Caroline retorted: “Well stop going on about it then you silly little bi-tch.” Wow, that escalated.

Changing tune, Caroline did also attempt to justify her wearing the dress saying she believed it was her friend’s when she found it in their wash basket. Caroline posted: “Listen we all take an opportunity when it arises.

“Anyway… lets get down to the nitty gritty. This was a year and a half ago, I genuinely thought it was my friends dress that she had left here and EVERYONE has moved on. THE END!!”

Lillie’s pal Paige Emery retorted: “That was a beautiful bedtime story. Needs more dragons tho.”

On that fateful night in 2017, Lillie had gone back to Caroline’s home wearing said dress but left the next day in her son’s jogging bottoms and dressing gown.

Despite missing the garment, Lillie says Caroline’s son moved out of his mum’s into his own place not long after so she presumed she would never see her LBD again.

The full-time carer explained she was in a casual relationship with Caroline’s son until he started dating someone else. Lillie said: “We were together for a while kind of like friends with benefits.

“I left my dress there and wore his clothes home. I still have his stuff actually.” Somehow we doubt he wants them back.

She added: “He moved out of his mum’s house and into his own flat so I thought I would just leave it and then it appeared on Facebook. I messaged him saying ‘is your mum wearing my dress’ and he said ‘it’s hers’ but I told him that’s definitely my dress.

“I had that dress for ages. I bought it for an occasion coming up to four years ago. I miss it. It was a really nice dress.”

Caroline and Sam were both contacted for comment but failed to respond.

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Written by Diana

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