Woman Spots Purse Hanging From Store’s Door, Then She Hears Faint Cries Coming From It And Runs Over

It’s hard to imagine why some people will decide to be deliberately cruel towards something as harmless and adorable as a puppy. But some people are and it’s a harsh reality some puppies have to face.

Like Radley for example, who was found in a purse with her front paws tied together by an unknown person. The woman who found the poor puppy was taking a walk through the London streets late one night when she spotted a red purse hanging from the inside of a shop door. Considering the time and where the purse was placed, the woman became suspicious and decided to take a look inside the purse. What she found on looking inside the purse left her stunned.

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There in the paws was a little puppy.

The poor puppy had her front paws tied together and was left in the purse for an unknown reason. The woman immediately swept into action and put a call through to the RSPCA so they can do give the dog much-needed help. The RSPCA arrived and brought the dog which was later named Radley to the Putney Animal hospital for much needed medical attention.

Although Radley had gone through quite an ordeal and was obviously under a great deal of stress, he was fortunately not physically hurt by the experience. You can imagine how hard it would be to be left stuffed and helpless in a purse and tossed out in the middle of the night. it was indeed an awful ordeal and it’s hard to imagine why anyone would want to do something that terrible to such a harmless animal.

Such a person probably has a serious hatred for dogs but passing out aggression on a pup that was is just unacceptable. An investigation has been launched into the matter and we do hope that the cruel person for the act is held fully responsible for their reprehensible actions.

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Luckily Radley didn’t suffer any serious physical injury.

The tiny pup is already in recovery at the hospital and has become quite popular at the center. He has been able to make a lot of friends and the little guy is a huge bundle of fun.

You will have to wait a while If you are interested in adopting though as he is not available for adoption yet. Anytime he is ready for a forever home, we do hope he finds a wonderful family that will adore him because that is what Radley deserves for all the harsh treatment he has received in his short life.

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We are just grateful that the kind woman who saved Radley was willing to stop and curious enough to investigate the mysterious bag that the little dog was found in.

He probably would have died by morning or suffer serious injury if he wasn’t found when she did.

We shudder to think of what would have happened if this woman had not been willing to stop her late night stroll to investigate. Radley may have been dead by morning or might have suffered far more severe injuries. The RSPCA is calling for anyone who has information about the incident to come forward with it so that those behind such an act of animal cruelty will be brought to book.

No dog should ever be treated this way and the person behind such an act should be rightly punished.

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