Woman Throws ‘Divorce Party’ To Celebrate End Of Marriage

A woman in the United States threw a luxury party to mark her divorce. Catherine Navarro from New Jersey had been trying to get the divorce since a long time and was glad her 15 years of marriage came to end. Celebrating the happy moment, she threw a party with cakes, balloons, food and al-cohol. The party was like any other celebration and was attended by her friends and well-wishers. The 34-year-old had married her love Marc when she was just 20 March on Friday 13 in May 2005. The couple had had a sudden engagement and decided to get married a week later.

Their family and friends ran around to get the arrangements at the last moment. The couple got married at City Hall in New York City. However, the relationship grew to be a to-xic one Marc just disappeared. She filed for divorce in 2012 and had to prove that she had searched for him before granting her divorce. Honeymoon Divorce! Arab Woman Seeks Separation on Learning Husband’s ‘Cheap’ Behaviour.

Talking about her wedding, she told Daily Mail, “Marc and I decided to get married at my cousin’s reception a week prior. Honestly, I thought he was joking at first because we’d been drinking and were on a dance floor in that moment, but a few days later he followed up about my dress and flowers. I immediately called my best friends – who all attended my divorce party – before heading straight to the shopping center with my mum.”

After years of proving Marc’s absence in the court, Catherina was granted a divorce on March 18, 2019. After receiving the divorce years later, she wanted to celebrate the moment. Around 30 people were invited to the ‘divorce party’ who posed with phrases like ‘We Never Liked Him’ and ‘Happily Divorced’. A grand chocolate cake had ‘Straight Outta Marriage’ written on it. Creamy cupcakes had phrases like ‘Ain’t Sorry’, Middle Finger Up’. Woman Finds Her Husband is Father to 47 Kids! Wife of Sp-erm Dad Considers Seeking Divorce.

Talking about the divorce party, she said, “I’d definitely recommend a divorce party to anyone else if it’s a happy occasion which brings joy, rather than drudging up old memories. Everything happens for a reason, and for me, in the end, it all happened for the best. Don’t dwell on the past and instead accept the lessons that every experience provides. Life is too short to be in a relationship which doesn’t make you happy – lawfully or not.”

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