Women Are Sharing The Dumbest Things Men Have Said About Their Bodies And That’s It, I’M Calling The Cops

High school biology doesn’t teach guys how to understand women. But it at least gives them an idea of how their bodies work. Pass that and you won’t infuriate your girlfriend by telling her to “keep it in” when she asks you to buy her some t-ampons. Recently, Twitter user @brownandbella asked women to share the things they’ve heard men say about “s-ex, reproductive health etc” and Boy did they deliver! As of this article, the thread already has nearly 20K upvotes and over 3.5K comments, many of which will make you wonder if men are really that stupid. Maybe the first, maybe the latter, maybe a bit of both.

Almost a quarter of men have admitted that they have “no idea” what a p-elvic floor is or what it is supposed to do. About 1 in 20 believe it’s just another name for your p-elvis and some even think it’s a dance move. A new study has confirmed that men really are clueless when it comes to their female partner’s body.

The study, released by experts INNOVO, found that nearly 4 in 10 men don’t feel comfortable talking to women about it, too. 4 in 10 men also admit they have no understanding about the health issues their wife or girlfriend faces and are stumped when it comes to the length of their p-eriod.

The same magical 4 in 10 men don’t feel comfortable talking to women about health issues and as a result, more than a third try to avoid all conversations with their partner about these subjects.

“Female health issues can be a difficult subject for many to discuss,” Jane Wake, women’s health and fitness expert, said. “‘It may be funny to think men have no idea what a p-elvic floor is or does, but it’s a subject which needs to be taken seriously.”

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