You Deserve To Be With Someone Who Thinks You’re Worthy

We all deserve to be loved by a person who considers us more than good enough and you are no exception to this rule. You deserve someone who is afraid to lose you because he knows you are the most amazing thing in his life. No need to waste time on the others, because this is the only person that deserves love from you. However, most of the time we end up falling in love with those people who don’t cherish or care about us. It is possible you are not accustomed to this love. This is because very few people will love you in this way.

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You deserve a love that will never leave.

You deserve someone patient who is willing to wait for your love regardless of the time it takes. You deserve someone who will not be pushed away even when you try your hardest to do so.

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You deserve someone who is not deterred by the walls you construct but instead will crush those walls with the force of a wrecking ball. You deserve someone that knows the opportunity to work through your defenses is a privilege and not just a sign you are being difficult.

You deserve someone you never fear will leave you.

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You deserve someone dependable enough to know they will never leave regardless of the hardships. You deserve a love that will not cause you to question yourself but instead reaffirms your worth. You deserve someone who sees all your imperfections and loves you regardless.

You deserve to feel wanted.

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You deserve to be the first thing your significant other thinks of in the morning and the last thing on their mind before slumber. You deserve someone who calls and texts simply because they can’t stand the thought of not hearing from you.

You deserve someone caring.

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You deserve someone who grows concerned when they do not hear from you for too many hours in a day. You deserve someone who genuinely cares about the events of your day and who asks questions, like “How are you feeling?” and “What would you like to do today?” You deserve someone who cares about every aspect of your life.

You deserve unconditional love.

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You deserve someone who will glow when mentioning your name and has nothing but good things to say about you in your absence. You deserve someone also who will only speak negatives about you when the two of you are alone, if ever at all. You deserve someone who whispers sweet things to you by day and risque things in your ear at night. You deserve someone who is your best friend, confidant, playmate, and lover all wrapped into one.

You deserve someone who considers you the most important person in their world.

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You deserve to be a “yes” for someone and not their “maybe”. You deserve to be a number one priority and not one of the options. You deserve to know you are the first choice of your significant other every single day of your life. You deserve someone who will never see loving you as a burden. You deserve someone who will never think that dealing with you is too much to handle or that your love is overbearing. Your significant other should believe in you and also believe in the two of you as a couple.

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