Young Girl Sings One Of World’s Hardest Songs Has Judges Jump To Feet Only 2 Notes In [Video]

Growing up, Serena Rigacci’s dream was to perform Whitney Houston’s hit song “I Will Always Love You” in front of a large audience. Finally, she got her chance with an audition on the reality talent show Next Star.

Serena stood in the middle of the stage, ready for her big sh-ot. The lights gently flickered down the stage, which was meant to resemble falling rain, as she began to belt the well-known song.

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As early as two words in, the judges were already blown away with Serena’s voice and emotional control.

The audience was in agreement with the judges.

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Everyone went absolutely wild while shouting “bravo” throughout her entire performance. Serena’s young set of skills gave one heck of a first impression, despite the fact that she is really only a child.

The film and audio crew on Next Star captured her lovely voice and all the emotions that made up the performance of a lifetime for this young girl. Even Serena’s outfit was a compliment to her incredibly powerful voice – she balanced her seasoned skill with a pale pink, lace dress.

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Just halfway through her performance, the audience rose to their feet! But she hadn’t even shown her full talent yet…

The flawless key change that occurred later in the song made the audience and judges go even crazier for Serena.

With this performance, they were convinced she was a bonafide star.

Shockingly, Serena kept her composure and poise, even when the judges energetically rose to their feet with applause. As a testament to how skilled Serena is, several people in the audience even began to cry.

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Take a peek at Serena’s emotion-invoking performance for yourself below.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this talented young lady.

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